Cooking up a storm in Ubud

img_2630One of the best parts of travelling is experiencing new foods and flavour combinations which you have never even considered trying before, and what a better way to fully understand the local culture of food than to take part in a local cooking course!14725570_10154619642987203_1441566574062357901_n

Whilst in Ubud, in the centre of Bali, we were lucky enough to take a class at ‘Ketuts Bali Cooking Class’ run by none other than Iketut himself. With a hotel pick up and drop off service, and a freshly made drink on arrival, the class got off to a wonderful start!

Ketut has the most infectious laugh and embodied the perfect teacher; attentive, clear in his instructions and smiling throughout the entire afternoon.

img_2583We began by cooking a number of base sauces which acted as the starting point for many of the dishes; Peanut Sauce, Bumbu Bali sauce (17 ingredients creating the most wonderful paste), and Sambal Ulek (Balinese spicy sauce). Everyone in the class of eight people rotated around different stations helping to make each component of the dishes, from cutting to grinding and frying.

The main dishes which we then focussed our attention on were chicken curry (Ayam Bambu Bali), steamed tuna in banana leaf, chicken satay with peanut sauce, Mie Goreng chicken fried noodles, chicken soup and a desert called Kolak Pisang which was braised banana in a palm sugar gravy!

The instructors helping Ketut were also very helpful and offered us tips on the best way to cut some of the more intricate pieces of food including turmeric, galangal and two different types of ginger.

We cooked a whole tasting menu throughout the afternoon and at the end all of our dishes were combined into a large buffet for us all to enjoy! Sitting and chatting with newly made friends over a feast of Balinese food was the perfect end to a very special afternoon in rural Bali.

More information can be found at:, or by sending an email to

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