Finns Beach Club- Bali, Indonesia

Popular beach clubs down the South West Coast of Bali stretching from Seminayk down to Kuta mean the choices are almost limitless…. the question is how do you decide which one to visit?

For those of us who follow the Instagram accounts of luxury Balinese destinations, we have seen countless photos of sunsets from Potato Head Beach Club’s infinity pool and so the temptation with only a short trip is to jump into the pool and onto the bandwagon. But, travel is for adventure and trying new places, which pushed us to visit Finns Beach Club.

W. O. W.

We had the most wonderful visit to Finns; so let me talk you though the top three reasons to give Finns a go:


The rumoured and often experienced ‘Bali Belly’ is a cunknownurse to many Balinese breaks and so finding wonderful and reliable food is such a treat.

For lunch I don’t think you can go wrong with a couple of their ‘Grazing’ tapas sized dishes to share as a group. Brought to you at your sun-lounger these little pieces of food made a lasting impression.
Edamame beans with a luxury twist of truffle oil and sea salt, wholemeal cheese quesadillas, duck spring rolls, arancini and corn on the cob smothered in garlic chilli butter…. The picture speaks for itself.

Salads include a quinoa bowl filled with treats such as chicken, pumpkin, beetroot, halloumi and kale pesto, which we also shared and devoured as a group.

2) Nuggets of luxury

The sun-loungers and indeed double sun-loungers which are available for a modest minimum spend (250 000 Rupiah and 500 000 Rupiah respectively) are a sleek black with soft electric blue towels provided free of charge. The look of the club is impressive without being extravagant.

The real splendour is found in the small touches. With staff on hand whichever direction you look it is easy to order more food and drink as well as benefit from the staff refilling your empty glasses without you having to ask.

Equally, as expected at a beach club, sand manages to get everywhere. However, dedicated staff members will happily brush the sand off your lounger using a bamboo brush, more often than not without being prompted.

This attention to detail and comfort really takes Finns to the next level.


3) Transition time

During the day Finns attracts a great mixture of groups of friends and young families (yummy mummy central!).  As the sun goes down most of the families leave, turning the infinity pool into a sanctuary to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sun dip below the sea-line.

The music also switched from a playlist to a live DJ which was a welcome addition with the music blending from Toploader to the top charts seamlessly.

It would also be wrong to omit the infamous Happy Hour which runs from 8-10pm nightly. Drinks are reduced to 50 000 Rupiah (approx £2.50!) are the options include beers, wines and cocktails.

A must try is their Toblerone Cocktail. What could be more perfect than a mini milkshake with a bit of a kick to round of a day at the beach. Kailua, cecree de cacoo White with Baileys and chocolate sauce- what a treat!

Of course the experience is enhanced with the cocktails available to buy from the swim up bar in the infinity pool and enjoy along the edge of the pool. The pool itself is as expected beautiful and enhanced with little extras such as underwater speakers.

So there you have it! The thee top reasons to visit Finns and branch out, of course there are many wonderful features of this Beach Club including the ice cream bar and the incredibly considerate and attentive staff but nothing tops the food, the mood and the luxury.

Hope you give it a go- you won’t regret it!


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