BAMBOOzled in Kyoto

One of the BEST things we did during out time in Kyoto was visit the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove! It is difficult to take photos that capture the true magic of this place. The quiet and calm as you move off the main road and the momentary break from all weather as the bamboo shields both direct sunlight, rain and wind. It is like entering a different world.


Tourists and touts tend to crowd the entrance, offering you maps and tours, but you really don’t need to accept any of that. Just politely pass and continue walking and you will be amazed with what you find.

Not only is the bamboo beautiful to look at but it is so open and easy to reach that you can touch it to feel its smoothness and we loved to give the bamboo a little tap. The wood is hollow and so produces a lovely knocking sound!


The whole grove is quiet and peaceful and quite a contrast to the Arashiyama district in which it sits. It is possible to spend a morning in Arashiyama looking at the bamboo grove, the surrounding shops and market stalls, The Togetsukyo bridge and the nearby Tenryuji Temple.


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