Christmassy Copenhagen

If you can put aside the freezing cold weather and the post-Christmas come-down then the week between Christmas and New Year is a wonderful time to visit Copenhagen.

Here are my top 3 tips and things to experience in Copenhagen at this time of year:

1) Tivoli Gardens at night.

The operative word here is ‘night’. Christmas is when Tivoli really comes alive with Christmas lights everywhere and magic in the air. Visiting as the sun sets (which is early in Winter, around 3.30pm) allows his place to really come to life.

Make sure you really walk the whole park as it is beautiful. The rides can be skipped, but the atmosphere can’t. One thing that we loved are the open fire pits located around the park to warm your hands at…. that really is ‘Hygge’.


2) Embrase the weird and wonderful hygge

This leads me nicely onto my second point of embrassing hygge. Hygge, hard to define, but it is a Danish principle which has extended throughout Scandinavia and can be described as ‘creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you’.

We found hygge to be far more simple than that, a special moment, an extreme act of kindness (of which we experienced many- Scandinavian people really are the happiest in the world!), a wonderful meal or simply playing cards by the fire.

A rather odd principle but if you try to embrace it, it allows you to realise the best in the world.


3) Order a hot-dog from a street van

Much like all the food in Copenhagen, they are incredible. The “pølsevogn” (hot dog stand/ cart) can be located throughout the city and are run as franchisees. The hot dogs themselves are a traditional Danish ‘red’ sausage, Danish remoulade and ketchup. Then topped with a combination of raw and crispy onions…. perfect!

They’re also very reasonably priced, a real bonus given the price of everything else in Denmark.


So there you have it! It goes without saying that all the typical Copenhagen sights are more than worth visiting, and in Winter you avoid the huge crowds of tourists.

Copenhagen love xxx






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  1. Stephen Jaye says:

    I am actually planning to visit in Christmastime- thanks for the summary


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